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THE Face of Friends.....

Ms. Regina Simms personally selected Charmaine Sinclair Dupree to become her replacement as New Faces Show Director. She will be hosting our popular event at Friends Neighborhood bar at 736 Ponce de Leon Avenue.  We will always remember  Mama Regina, as she was affectionately called, forever be a lady in the fullest form of the word. Always painted to a T—even when she’s calling you a whore on the mic—she is the Face of Atlanta bar Friends on Ponce.  What Mama brings to every interaction is a motherly wisdom and air. She hosts all of Friends’ events—not just our New Faces amateur drag competition that happens every second Sunday of the month but in the spirit of a true Mother she also hosts our Toys for Tots benefit, the Big queer fundraiser, a Super Bowl watch party our Atlanta Food Bank Drive and our Fourth of July cookout complete with go-go boys!.  She has seen many queens from Atlanta launch their careers right here on our very stage and with her advice—from RuPaul in her younger days to Violet Chachki - they have become stars!  Mama truly embodied what an Atlanta icon is meant to be. From the 1990's during the Backstreet and Armory days to now, Mama has touched many hearts, whether in a floor length gown or on a bar stool with mic in hand.  If you would like to be a contestant please fill out the form below.  Now with Charmaine a new era of New Faces begins ...


Every 2nd Sunday between 9-12pm

Contest Entry Form

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